Dawsons Road Quarry Proposal

Fulton Hogan has bought 170 hectares of land bounded by Dawsons, Jones, Curraghs and Maddison Roads, to be developed over several years. The property will be quarried in sections with only 40 hectares open at any one time, while the rest of the property will continue to be farmed to appropriate land use regulation.

The development would be a state-of-the-art quarry using the latest technology available to the industry.  We would aim to operate this site at levels of excellence that will exceed the standards required to gain resource consents.

The scale of the proposed operation will be determined in consultation with our stakeholders and ultimately the resource consent requirements.

We wish to provide our stakeholders and the community with factual information. This website provides the latest information on our plans, answers questions, and provides a forum so that anyone can give feedback.

DROP IN CENTRE: A drop-in centre is now open at the former Roydon Lodge site providing an opportunity to talk to a Fulton Hogan representative
Opening times are:
Monday      9.00am – 11.00am
Thursday     5.00pm – 7.00pm
Sunday       10.00am – 12.00pm

Feedback can also be given through the ‘Share your thoughts’ section on this site, or by emailing CHCH.quarry@fultonhogan.com

Over the next few months we will update the website as we gather more information.

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Why have you chosen the Dawsons Road location for your quarry proposal?

The Dawsons Quarry Proposal is a direct replacement for Fulton Hogan’s existing Pound Road Quarry, which has a remaining life of approximately five years. The Pound Road Quarry has operated alongside the Templeton, Islington, and Hei Hei communities for the past 30 years.

The Dawsons Road land has been chosen by Fulton Hogan primarily because it has a high quality aggregate resource, relatively few direct neighbours, and good access directly onto State Highway 1.

Why can’t you establish this quarry in a more remote part of Canterbury?

Reliable supplies of aggregates are needed as a vital component in constructing everything from roads, cycleways and railways to water networks and housing. The further the aggregates need to be trucked the higher the cost – and these costs are passed on to consumers. Christchurch city is planning on spending an estimated $4.3 billion in planned capital works.

Ready access to a reliable, long-term and local aggregate supply will reduce the costs burden of major infrastructure and building projects on all residents of Canterbury. The proposed quarry sits within the Selwyn district – the second fastest growing district in New Zealand.

Why can’t you just take more gravel from river beds, especially the Waimakariri?

There are limits on the amount of aggregate that can be removed from the region’s rivers (set by ECan) and at present the Waimakariri River is over allocated, with Fulton Hogan unable to access its long term consent at Coutts Island.

While the Waimakariri looks like it has lots of gravel, removing too much can undermine infrastructure near the river, including bridges and stopbanks for flood control.

When is FH planning to apply for resource consents?

The timing of any resource consent applications will depend on the feedback we receive from the community, our neighbours, and stakeholders. No resource consent applications will be made before May 2018.

Share your thoughts with us

Your feedback will have a direct impact on the propsed operation and consent applications that we make later in the year.